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What is a good credit score? Find out how yours stacks up

When it comes to your money, your credit score is one little number that says a lot about not only your past credit history, but also what’s to come when and if you want to borrow money in the future. What is a good credit score, exactly, though? Read on to find out!


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Founded in 2019, Consumers Affiliate helps consumers reach their financial goals through in-depth research by proven expert authors to deliver up-to-date financially influential knowledge.

Five Helpful Apps For Seniors

Once upon a time, people thought of seniors as tech-illiterate, but today’s research proves that’s not the case. One study shows that most baby boomers have smartphones, and you can bet that they know how to use them.


What to Do If a Borrowed Car Gets Into an Accident

Auto insurance for your own driving and vehicle is one thing, and it’s pretty clear; such insurance covers events that happen while you’re behind the wheel. But what happens when you let your friend or family member drive your car and they get into an accident? Does your insurance still cover them? We’ll answer these questions and more below.


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